How to submit sitemaps of WordPress website to Search Engines like google

Before knowing how to Submit XML Sitemap in Google Search Console you must know why to submit a sitemap and what is a sitemap , . Here is the answer   A  sitemap is basically a tree structure list of URLs of your website.     A Sitemap helps search engines like Google and Bing crawl your website by providing a “map” of the...

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How to increase your seo? – Step wise guide to increase SEO of a website

Seo- Tips -being -topper To derive a large amount of organic traffic to your website you have to get your website listed in 1st , 2nd or 3rd page of  big search engines like  Google , Yahoo .Bing ,Ask etc. Now the question is How my website can be listed at top position of famous search engines?? how to optimize my website on search engines...

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How to customize footer link in wordpress theme

From early days of my blogging whenever i like a theme and customize it  ,become sad because it gives credit  to some one else that was the reason i search for changing the footer link. Today many friend ask me following questions : (more…)

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How to Manage, Customize and add widgets to wordpress themes

To give an attractive look to you website you all want to customize your theme or looking for a good theme for your website.Sometimes, it happens that you like a theme but it is a premium and using cracked version is not good for health of your website. Here you will come to know how to present your website  in front of your here is...

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How To Design a Website From WordPress

Want to design your own website??. yes u can and even without any pre-knowledge of programming can be done by wordpress ,zoomla,b2evolution drupal but for beginers wordpress is best and easy to use it can be done easily in few steps (more…)

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Basic of web designing-choose a correct domain

The main mistake we generally do is not to chose a correct domain. some of you might be thinking that optimization does not depend on domain name so why am i giving it importance don’t worry will get answer by reading till last point of this article. (more…)

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