Basic of web designing-choose a correct domain

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The main mistake we generally do is not to chose a correct domain. some of you might be thinking that optimization does not depend on domain name so why am i giving it importance don’t worry will get answer by reading till last point of this article.


  1. Brainstorm  Top Keywords : First of all when you are searching for your domain set this in your mind that your domain should describe your motive best suppose if u want to make a technical blog then your domain name must be technical so that it appeal to visitor that is a technical blog. a domain having similar name with content get more organic traffic than the other.
  2. It Should Be Unique : do not try to make your domain duplicate of famous domain name, it will not effect organic traffic but your visitor will get confused and your traffic will automatic drive to famous one.Never choose a domain which is simply plural,hyphenated or misspelled of already existing domain
  3. Always prefer only dot com names(.com) : many people when are  told a name automatically assumed that it is a .com then they drive to another website like u are reading it on beingtopper and tell a friend just beingtopper he/she automatically type and visit think what will happen if i have chosen or another
  4. It Should Be easy to type : you will loose a good amount of branding or marketing value if your domain is hard to type because it require more attention due to its spelling, length , or sound or it contains symbols or numbers
  5. It Should be easy to remember : it will help in mouth-to-mouth publicity if your visitors satisfied with your content they will definitely refer it to their friends
  6. Use short domain name: take short domain name so that there is more scope for post title in Url .and it will be easy for u to include them on visiting cards

so  i will advice you to take short domain name that does not contain numbers ,symbols and is unique and be away from copyrighted domains 

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