Best Success Stories Of Email Marketing

Take a second to glance around you. This is where your business is today. What does it look like?

Now close your eyes. Take a minute to envision the success you want to reach.

You know where you are. You know where you want to go. What you need to know is, how do you get there?

That’s what these stories are for: they show you how a whole host of businesses have “made it” with the power of marketing, and how you can do the same.

Email Marketing!!

Email marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

 Email Marketing Success Stories

  • Find Valuable partnership opportunities

find the valuable emails

We recently partnered with BizHiv, A private company assets site.Through our paid orgenisation. we could send substances to BizHive’s suppoters. The outcomes?A 25-43% open rate, which is awesome—particularly for prospects.

outside orgenization can give you accessto a drew in email gethering of people.simply ensure you to try out various crowds and discover one that conveys the correct open and navigate rates for your orgeniozations.





  • Write for humans

write for humans success stories


  • The best advice that i can provide for anybody email showcasing anything is to convey in message like genuine individual.
  • Do whatever  you can avoid to losing a  Charming tone in email.
  • You won’t get far by being excessively formal. Compose the email just as you are addressing the beneficiary, and be well disposed and fun loving with the message.
  • Concentrate above all else on the title. Utilize it as an approach to get consideration and inspire individuals to need to realize what’s inside the message.
  • As an inquiry, present with a remarkable welcome, or say something conversational and interesting. Separate data into absorb able lumps—about three sentence sections long at greatest.
  • A few people recommend that utilizing pictures is the best consideration snatching device to utilize, however I’ve possessed the capacity to triple my engagement rate utilizing the proposals above with no pictures.


  • Costa Coffee-Ice-Cool drinks

costa success story

That was timed their newsletter to coincide with the sun replacing the wet weather at the beginning of june. they designed the email to have the dramatic header with an animated GIF of ice cubes falling. thus immediately appealing to the receivers in need of cooling down.  It is also presented their new range of cooled drinks, included a video to show how these are made and two competitions around summer photos and free cool drinks. They demonstrated customer knowledge and had a consistent call-to-action and theme throughout of the email.

  • Eva Lom-Sunscreen Protection

Sunscreen success story

Back at the beginning of june,  when the sun was just show out and people started spending increasingly more time outdoors. Eva Lom stepped in to remind them to protect their skin. this cosmetics company focuses exclusively on skin products therefore the connection was again justified. the timing and simplicity of the email is what made it success. it only promoted one product  so the cta was crystal clear.

  • Use Customer Logic Not Company Logic

logic regarding your customer

The mistakes we were doing with our email was using company Logic. you really need put yourself in the mind of your customer when crafting your emails. Run your copy email copy by friends And strangers and get feedback because its so challeging to get out of your own skin. The goal of email is to get a click. Do not try to make or close the sales in the email .


  • Give back to your Subscriber

 Get back to your subscriber

For my holiday newsletter,  I usually send a newsletter with an included Starbucks discount, which i can discount for mass purchases.  I usually give around 5 dollars, enough for a hot chocolate at Starbucks. This method has been extremely useful because most of my clients are thankful for me remembering them and they usually sign up for more of my services after the holiday.


  • Send Birthday Emails

birthday success story

We’ve been exploring different avenues regarding email promoting since we initially began to gather the email locations of our clients. In spite of the fact that we’ve attempted a wide range of strategies, without a doubt the best was sending birthday messages to our clients consistently.

Since we gather such particular data about our clients, we could truly customiseeach email which I accept helped us to emerge among the different messages that individuals get once a day. We incorporated the primary name of the client in the headline, and kept our birthday message genuinely basic.

We additionally incorporated a connection inside the email so the client could share the way that they simply got a birthday email from us on their Facebook. We’ve sent more than 700 birthday messages over the most recent 3 years, and have had more than 150 offers to Facebook.

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