Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

If you are coming on this article, I hope you are looking to know about Facebook ads, or you want to know about Ads; so don’t worry, you are on right page. Here you will get the right information about to Facebook Ads

What is Facebook Advertising?

Ads can appear in news feed on desktop, ads can appear in news feed on Mobile and most importantly in the right side of Facebook Dashboard. The ad containing a content means it is paired with news about social action that can taken by others, like liking of pages.


Why Advertise on Facebook? 

  • Irregardless Growth in another channels. Still Facebook Is the most popular Social media network in all over world.
  • More than 100 million people use Facebook For Every Phone each month.
  • 88% of age 15-29 year old internet user use Facebook.
  • Facebook allows to targeting by user behaviours.
  • There is large variety of creative option with Facebook ads.

When should you use Facebook ads?

With any media channel, To set a measurable goals, realistic goals before deciding where to advertise and how much you need to spend. Like Facebook has many Targeting and placement options for marketing .

1.   Audience Size and Targeted Audience.

  • You have marketing list and want to reach people similar to them.
  • Track website visitor or app user because it gives us the best information.
  • You are advertising to a specific demographic, People in specific location,  or people with similer interest or behaviour.
  • Business can target with by location, demographics, age, gender, Interest,  Behaviour and many more.

2. Attention:

People spend a lot of time on social network.The average user spends about 2 to 3 hours on Facebook every day.


How you can apply for Facebook ads?

1.  Open your Facebook page and open ads dashboard.Otherwise you can directly go by url-

and go to upper right side corner of your Facebook dashboard and choose ‘create Adverts’.

facebook ads guide
click on create ad


2. This is your Ad manager Dashboard.

Facebook ads manager
Facebook ads dashboard


3. Click on objective and choose your campaign name.

facebook advertising strategy
click on objective


4. Click on create New.

go to ads
new page


5. Now set page, where you want to create an ad and click on continue.

choose your audience target



6. For Budget set your country, money and time zone and click on continue.

facebook ads cost
facebook business


7.After completing all steps click on create.

facebook ads
final step

Congratulations!! your Ads account has been created



Different type of Facebook Ads!

This different type of which i am telling you right now,  you can use to solve a whole host of your business problems for driving traffic to your website to reaching people in your local area.

  • Boost your post
  • promote your page
  • Send people to your website
  • Get install of your app
  • Increase engagement  in your app
  • Reach people near your business
  • Raise attendance at your event
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Get videos views
  • Collect lead for your business

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