How To Design a Website From WordPress

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Want to design your own website??. yes u can and even without any pre-knowledge of programming can be done by wordpress ,zoomla,b2evolution drupal but for beginers wordpress is best and easy to use it can be done easily in few steps

  1. Go to  download  the latest version in zip format
  2. visit Your cpanel upload in directory where you want and make data base you have done it
  3. Now just visit your admin area domain/wp-admin
  4. login with id and password
  5. first of all you want to change your default template ,it is  very easy go to appearance menu
  6. Click on themes
  7. click on install themes choose colors and other features and click find themes
  8. Install and activate theme and visit your site
  9. For better look You can customize your site and add widgets
  10. Delete sample page & post
  11. Make your contact us page and other pages
  12. you can add pictures have disscussion
  13. Install and activate essential plugins for seo

Its all try yourself you will surely do it for further support you can join our support forum

You can make any type of site which U can imagine from wordpress like e-commercial ,social networking

Step wise guide to SEO of your wordpress blog 

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