Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing advertising channel that puts merchants in charge of an online marketing sales force.Merchants look to earn revenue from sale of their products or services, pay affiliates who want to earn revenue from placement of product banners or text links on their site.Merchants only pay affiliate partners for results, such as a lead or a purchase “pay-for-performance”. Allows merchant to effectively expand reach and brand marketing, while at the same time managing marketing ROI.

Topics to be Covered:

  • What is it & Potential of the Marketing strategy?
  • How AM works?
  • Indian and U.S. affiliated networks
  • Product and services Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing Companies
  • CPA Decoded
  • How to sell without Investing Single Penny Complete guide
  • Generating Profit from Affiliate
  • Network Generating Your First Commission-EARN from your LEARN
Affiliate Marketing