Best Grammar Checker Tools For Bloggers & Writers

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If we talk about the blogging, so we see that many new newbies struggle a lot while writing articles. a lot of them face grammar and spelling problems.but with time it has to be improved.


people always say that if we write as much as possible  we can improve our writing skills. Well, that’s true but there are some tips that can help.

Well grammar checker tools are what we need with these feature we will be able to improve our writing skills very easily.

When we talk about grammar checker tools there are many that suggest by people but we should not use them all.

Here are some list of best checker grammar tool that can start using right away. There are listed both online tools and standalone offline application so you can choose by your comfort.

No matter you are into content writer, journalism, typing, blogging. This post is made for you. Now let’s have a look on the 10 grammar checker tools.

Best Grammar Checkers Tools

One cannot learn all the grammatical rules and seriously don’t need to

And that’s why the grammar checkers that automatically detects errors and even gives a list of solutions to choose from.

What can we do without grammar and spelling checkers? For people who write articles or blogs of 1000 or more word count, it will be very weary to check for mistakes by scanning the whole document again.

Here in this article that will share 10 best online grammar checkers that won’t let grammar refrain to from producing good content.

Grammarly grammar checker

It’s best one tool. If you don’t want to read the article, go directly for Grammarly as it is the most advanced and the most easiest grammar checker tool available in the market.

It is trusted by students, professional writers, journalists and any class of writers that can possibly think of.

Surveys even say that it has out-performed Word’s grammar and spell checker tool by far.

It scans  text for the correct use of more than 400 grammar rules including subject-verb agreement, proper active-passive and many more

It prevents  from making stupid errors by not letting use the rightly spelled words in the wrong context.

And on top of that, it provides options for optimizing for writing style and advanced features like plagiarism detection in its premium version. This tool is platform independent because it can run anywhere on the internet to assist

There are some special feature in this tool like; free browser extension, Best grammar checking tool, easy to use, spelling checker, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, support microsoft office.

Grammar checker tool


Ginger grammar checker software

The ginger software or the ginger grammar checker is also a very effective tool for grammar correction. It is also available on the google play store.

It helps to give the reader a native English impression even though you are far from being native. Based on the context of complete sentences, Ginger Grammar checker uses patent-pending technology to correct grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and misused words, with unmatched accuracy.

It also provides the facility of proofreading i.e. it shows the rule that violated so that  can learn from mistakes. It also corrects basic errors like repetition, consecutive nouns, etc.

Ginger grammar checker tool

After The Deadline

It comes with contextual spell checking, advanced style checking and intelligent grammar checking. It was created by the developers of ‘WordPress’ and so is available on as well as in libraries, plug-ins, and extensions for a variety of platforms.

This is a robust tool for enhancing writing. It uses artificial technology and Natural Language Processing (which is a trending area in computer science) to offer smart solutions.

after the deadline


Paper Rater

Its also a tough competitor in the grammar checker market.

It can handle all writing errors (grammar and spelling) along with plagiarism detection within seconds without even having to sign up, log in or download.

As soon as  submit work in the text box, their artificial analyst known as, Grendel, compares  writing to over 10 billion documents, which is quite impressive, and then displays the originality. This is used by writers in over 140 countries. It organises ‘confused words Grammar Quiz’ that really helps in your overall vocabulary, if you participate in them of course.

It features advanced features like proof-reader and vocabulary builder.



Language Tool

It is an advanced tool that because it provides proofreading service for more than 20 languages, which make it exceptional.

When you enter text in the text box, it highlights various parts of the text with different colours.

These different colours depict different errors in the work and when clicked, show the effective solutions. If none of the solutions match the requirement, then it provides with similar examples that can guide the correct form of the sentence.

It is also available as add-on for Firefox, chrome, Google docs, LibreOffice, and also on your PC.

language tool


Grammar check

It’s an easy and simple to use tool that checks for grammatical errors.

It has a search box that requires the users input. After entering the text, click on the free check button.

If there is an underlined spelling error, style suggestion, or grammar suggestion in your text, click on them to see more options. Then the system automatically scans for grammar and spelling. It is comparatively older but effective software.

It also offers a Deep check using which can find some advanced grammar suggestions.

Grammar check

White Smoke

White smoke is yet another grammar checker that must try.

It brings a unique feature with it i.e. it not only checks for the errors but also provides a detailed report of writing and then gives rating. Rating is given in six different categories: sentence structure, words, expressions, voice, length, and redundancy.

Its mobile version is also available on Google play store and Apple App Store. It gives its users a fluent experience. Its advanced features include Translation.

It has a dedicated option for punctuation fixing, known as punctuation fixer. It opens doors to new worlds and new languages, promoting communication everywhere.

white smoke


Spell Check Plus Grammar Checker

The pro version provides a lot of advantages over the free version and has proved to be a good software that identifies spelling errors and common grammatical mistakes.

The pro version comes ad-free which is an added advantage because unnecessary ads make the system less attractive. It has a resizable editor that means much more room available for text editing. It lets you achieve your documents so that can use for reference in future. At the end of session, can see the summary of errors in the text. It provides exposure to interactive grammar exercises and has many more interesting features.

This is also available in free trial for 5 days.

spell check grammar

Hemingway Editor

It judges your writing from a reader’s point of view. It gives its verdict in 5 colours namely yellow, red, purple, blue, and green.

Yellow colour shows the lengthy lines with common typing errors. Red means the line is too complicated to be understood by a reader and you need to rewrite it in a simpler way. Purple means that you can prefer to use a shorter one instead of the currently highlighted long one and prompts a list of hints. Adverbs and weakening phrases are shown in blue so that you can replace them with words that show force. And finally the green colour shows the passive voices used in the document.

Hemingway editor


Online Text Correction

Check your text for spelling, grammatical error and correct diction with this free online tool.

The spellings are marked in red colour where as the grammar suggestions are marked in green. This tool provides quick solutions to burdensome mistakes. On lingering your pointer over the highlighted text, it shows the suggestion along with the rule description.

So these are 10 different tools for grammar checker that can help easily to point out the grammar mistake.

Online text correction


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