Neha Bhatt Suri

Vipin Khutail honored remarkable women for their outstanding contributions to their respective fields. Their achievements exemplify the empowerment and progress of women in the digital era on 9th july 2022 @ccoi_1947 #VipinKhutail #BeingTopper

Honoring WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE JULY 2022 Mrs Neha Bhatt Suri

Our youth, the students are the torch bearers of our nation’s future!

‘Adding value to the lives of the youth of our nation’, is the motto of Neha Bhatt’s life. An affectionate ‘Psychology’ student with vast experience in education, HR, recruitment, and training fields across domestic and international markets, she is also a ‘motivational speaker’, a ‘life-coach’, a leadership/ MD/ CEO Coach, certified NVC trainer and a social activist.

With experience, Neha realized one big missing link in the aspirations of people viz a viz what they really achieve is- ‘The Communication Gap’, namely Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Despite being a lifeskill/21st Century skills that we use most frequently in our lives (next to breathing), this vital aspect is never taught in the regular study curriculum. To help others tide over this gap, Neha has passionately envisaged-‘JN Think in english Education Pvt Ltd’, that aspires to be a one stop for all the communication related aspects required to succeed from campus to corporate life, and beyond.

She is a firm believer that communication nitty-gritties like ‘effective listening’, and teachings of non-violent communication is necessary in the foundation years of students and should be a part of the curriculum in the schools and colleges.

Not only will it empower our youth and make them more confident in expressing themselves at the world stage, but it will also help in interpersonal conflict management, patience development, anger management and bring peace and harmony in the society.

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