How to increase your seo? – Step wise guide to increase SEO of a website

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To derive a large amount of organic traffic to your website you have to get your website listed in 1st , 2nd or 3rd page of  big search engines like  Google , Yahoo .Bing ,Ask etc.

Now the question is How my website can be listed at top position of famous search engines?? how to optimize my website on search engines like google?? what are the various tools to optimize a website .? i.e.How to increase your seo?  The answer is here you have to just follow the webmaster policy of search engines for optimizing website i.e avoid copied and pirated content on your website .write your own content and optimize  your keywords


Here is a    Step wise guide to increase SEO of a WordPress website


There are the few things  which influences the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a blog or website


  1. SUBMIT A SITE MAP : Submit a sitemap of your website to the search engines. This sitemap will create a tree of all URL of your website and submit them to search engine so their crawler have regular visit to your website and index will also receive messages from search engine about errors,optimization, html tags etc.. by submitting sitemap your visitors may be doubled soon
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  2. GIVE APPROPRIATE TITLE TO YOUR POSTS : The important keywords should be present in your title as you can observed in search result the title having more matching words is listed above the all. so instead of giving short titles like nokia loomia you have to give title as nokia loomia features ,specifications and in india
  3. CORRECT URL OR PERMALINK: Change URL or  your permalink to post name from default or another option as again you have more keywords in permalink so chances of optimizing your website on search engines increases again
  4. Quality content : upload quality content on your website as content is king for both visitors and search engines.content should be what a visitor wants to know not what you want to let him know..and more important thing the keywords present in your title and permalink must be present in your description other wise crawler can understand that you have used fake keywords. if you can use synonyms of keyword ,it will be good for your site health and increase your traffic 
  5. USE TAGS FOR MAIN KEYWORDS : Making tags of important keywords has 2 benefits first one it increase seo and other one it increase bouncing rate of visitor, you may also use recent post widgets and categories to provide internal links to your site
  6.  USE ALL IN ONE SEO PACK: The best plugin for SEO , it automatically generate meta tags for content and help in listing your website high, using this plugin you can have custom title ,description and keywords to be shown on google. this is the most essential plugin for optimizing your content 
  7. SOCIAL BOOKMARKINGBookmark your content on social bookmarking websites (digg, technorati,  as they already have high rank and a huge amount of traffic can be transferred to your website 
  8. REFERRAL LINKS : share links of your friends website on your website so they share your on their sites that if searching crawler or visitor comes to their website also visits yours 
  9. BACKLINK GENERATION : Generate  backlinks from quality websites .it can be done in various ways like by commenting on websites  or you can use im backlink generator tool 
  10. USE LIGHT THEMES :  As this save your loading time and avoid flash content and flash adds your should be simple attractive and light, use light colors of background and black text don’t use color which have bad effect on eyes like red text on black background

Making fan page on facebook, channels on you tube upload video and leave url in description because leaving url in comment on you tube doesn’t make any sense

commenting on other websites

making account on various forums and affiliates like  and mention your website in profile

10.GIVE SOCIAL SHARING OPTION : give sharing option on social media so that if a visitor likes your content he/she may share it and result in more traffic 

Thats  all from my site hope  you like my content for any doubts ,suggestion and further support you can also register on our support forum

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